Construction sites are dynamic activities where workers engage in many activities that may expose them to a variety of safety hazards, such as falling objects, working from rooftops or scaffolding, exposure to heavy construction equipment, or the use of temporary electrical circuits while operating electrical equipment and machinery in damp locations. Construction activities at CADCOR BUILDERS AND TRADING CORPORATION engage in general construction activities, including the constructing, enlarging, repairing, developing or engaging in any work upon buildings, houses and condominium, roads, plants, bridges, airfields, piers, waterworks, railroads and other structures. We have different teams who are expert in their respective fields and by having a complete manpower we control every aspect of the project. We provide practical solutions and effective Construction Management System to ensure in meeting clients standard and expectations.

Through implementation of safe work practices, training, and local regulatory requirements, the Workplace Safety program aims to identify, control, or eliminate construction-related hazards.