Application Period: 2021-12-31 - 2021-12-31

We are pleased to confirm acceptance of your interest for employment with CADCOR Builders and Trading Corporation and to offer you the position of General Foreman which takes effect on <DATE> subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Work is mandatory at Mondays to Saturdays, 7am to 4pm; unless changed schedule due to site requirements. You shall be employed for _ MONTHS which covers the period of _________ to __________ and your employment contract is coterminous with the contract for the said project (Project site assigned)


  1. You shall be directly reporting to the Project in Charge who shall discuss your principal responsibilities, accountabilities and key results area to you. (See annex A for detailed duties and responsibilities based on position)


  1. Your basic salary that is Php _______ per month with additional Php ____ Allowance per day.


  1. The terms of your employment will be governed by law and Company policies.


  1. You further warrant that you have not committed, nor have been accused of having committed a crime; are not afflicted with any incurable disease or physical condition that could adversely affect work performance; and that you have not been dismissed for cause, forced to resign or denied employment previously. You understand that any misrepresentation in this regard may give rise to your dismissal for cause from the Company.


  1. Your employment with the Company is on a full-time basis based on a 6-day workweek. You agree not to engage in any activity inimical to the interest of our company or to take any position in any business of a remunerative nature during off hours without the prior written consent of our Company. You may engage in non-remunerative activities such as membership in social, civic or professional organizations so long as these do not interfere with or are in conflict with your work.


  1. Your salary and other confidential data which you may have access to by virtue of your position are confidential matters which shall be known only by you (with exception of others who are authorized to have access to such confidential information) and should not be discussed with others. Furthermore, you will not disclose to any third party other than on behalf of the Company all confidential and proprietary information about the Company and its clients, principals, agents, etc. which may come to your knowledge during your employment with the Company. You agree not to be employed by any of the Company’s competitors or clients, without written consent of CADCOR Builders and Trading Corporation.